Board Members

Pedro Bulhões Carvalho da Fonseca: holds a degree in Production Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Fonseca has more than 36 years of real estate experience, having participated from the project´s concept creation to the end of the construction period in over 90 projects. After working in several areas of the construction business in his family´s company between 1981 and 2000, Mr. Fonseca was invited in 2004 to work at Klabin Segall, where
from 2007 on, he managed large urban development projects. In 2009, he became Regional Director of Agre Incorporadora (AGRE Incorporadora rose from the merge between Klabin Segall, Agra and Abyara). In 2010, Mr. Fonseca participated in the merge of PDG and AGRE, assisting the unification of the new company´s operational process in Rio de Janeiro. In 2013, Mr. Fonseca takes on the New Business Development area in Rio de Janeiro, leaving the company in 2015 and committing himself to manage large real estate projects.

Mr. Fonseca is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Wladimir Rodney Palermo: holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Faculdade Paulo Eiró - Instituto Costa Braga. Mr. Palermo is CEO of PERSONA GLOBAL® BRASIL. He is also the founder and CEO of BEST IN CLASS® GROUP, as well as the author of the BEST IN CLASS® - FAR BEYOND PERFORMANCE program. He is currently leading interventions focused mainly on developing skills in the areas of leadership, motivation, influence and performance management in companies from various industry sectors in Brazil. During his career, he has gained experience as a Senior Executive in large companies, leading the Finance, Controllership, Production, Supply Chain and Strategic Planning areas. He also acquired, presided over and restructured companies in the Manufacturing, Information Technology, Communication, and Services areas. Since 2012, Mr. Palermo has been acting as a member of the Advisory Council of the Pactum Group (Pactum Consultoria Tributária and Piazzeta, Rasador, Zanotelli Advogados), leading the succession process.

André Frigatto: holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UniABC and an MBA in Finance from Ibmec-SP. Mr. Frigatto has 20 years of experience in the financial area as CFO and managing the Mergers and Acquisitions area of .comDominio, Diageo e PSINET companies. At Diagio he participated in the acquisition of Frescarinido Grupo Danone by Pillsbury Grupo Grand Metropolitan. He also participated in the acquisition of thirteen technology companies by PSINET. At .comDominio, he participated in the acquisition of more than fifteen customer portfolios, as well as in the creation and implementation of the Restructuring and Turnaround Plan, which resulted in success for shareholders. He is currently a majority partner in Eagle in, a company specialized in M&A and crisis management.



Augusto Alves Reis Neto: is a civil engineer graduated from Mackenzie University, with nineteen years of experience in Real Estate. He started his career in 2000, initially working in the Construction area and since 2005 in the Real Estate Development area. He joined PDG in 2013, as Regional Director responsible for the North, Northeast and Midwest regions. Since 2017, he was Operations Director, being responsible for the following areas: Constructions Works, Engineering, Development, Accounts Payable, Indebtedness and Transfer. Mr. Reis Neto is PDG´s CEO, CFO, and IRO.

Roberto Giarelli: graduated in Law from Largo São Francisco Law School (USP), with extension courses in business management from IRI (Italy) and ESG / ADESGDF. He has over twenty-five years of experience in banks (in Brazil, Italy, France, and Argentina) and, since 2004, in the management of companies in Brazil.


Members of the Oversight Board

Gilson José Rasador: graduated in Law from Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Cruz Alta/RS, specialized in Tax Law from Escola Superior de Advocacia - OAB/RS, and postgraduate in Economics and Business Law from FGV. He worked as a tax lawyer and Tax Legal Manager at Cooperativa Regional Tritícola Serrana de Ijuí Ltda. Currently, he is a partner at Pactum Consultoria Empresarial and at Sociedade de Advogados Piazzeta e Rasador, focused on tax litigation and consulting. Between 2005 and 2012 he was a member of the Board of Auditors, Board of Directors and Management of Clube Hípico de Santo Amaro.

Marco Antonio Hengles (alternate member): graduated in Law from the Faculty of Osasco, a specialist in Tax Law from IBET and currently pursuing a degree in Business Management at Fatec. He works in the tax area, in the areas of Civil, Administrative, Environmental Law, Regulatory Agencies (ANVISA, ANTAQ, ANTT, ANS, and CVM), as well as in the Labor and Criminal areas. He is currently a lawyer at Peppe e Bonavita Advogados.

Flávio Pereira da Costa Barros: graduated in Law from Cândido Mendes University and holds an LLM in Corporate Law from IBMEC, and Expert in International taxation from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Mr. Barros is Legal Director at FUEL The Eyewear Company since 2013, and holder of Tax Law area at Costa Barros Lawyers Office, since 2009. Before he worked at Gelsi and Glasner, an office specialized in Tax Law and was assessor to the Marco Aurélio Mendes de Farias Mello minister of Brazil‘s Supreme Court. He’s a member of the International Fiscal Association, Instituto Latino Americano de Derecho Tributario, Associação Brasileira de Direito Financeiro, and Associação Paulista de Estudos Tributários.

Patrick de Almeida Fernandes (alternate member): graduated in Accouting at University of Sorocaba. Between 2005 and 2009, he was an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Between 2009 and 2014, he worked as Controller, managing, coordinating and controlling costs and investments, also developing simulations of different economic scenarios to support the commercial and industrial areas, in addition to collaborating with the company‘s strategic planning and controlling the tax sectors, accounting, costs, report and shared services. Between 2014 and 2016 he was a Controller and Corporate Finance Manager, working in the coordination of the accounting, controllership, tax, budget and internal controls teams. From 2016 to 2019 he was CFO and IRO at JHSF Malls and is currently Executive Director of NAPP Sollution, where he coordinates the Accounting, Controllership, Tax, Budget, HR, Legal, IT, Purchasing, Financial and Treasury teams, generating and managing information and KPIs (financial and strategic).

Valter de Carvalho: holds a Master‘s degree in Administration with an emphasis in Finance from FECAP, a postgraduate degree in Financial Management from São Judas University and a Bachelor‘s Degree in Mathematics from Fundação Santo André. Valter is a founding partner of
Control V Gestão Empresarial Ltda, he was CEO of Engebras Tecnologia Ltda, CFO at Paulista Business Com. Imp. Exp. Produtos Elétricos Ltda, as Director of Credit and Collection and Director of Treasury Holding at Atlas Copco Brasil Ltda from 2007 to 2013. Besides, he is licensed by Control V, by PGB - PERSONA GLOBAL BRASIL - Consultoria Empresarial Ltda., to use ‘BEST IN CLASS FAR BEYOND PERFORMANCE®’ methodology, with a focus on optimizing business performance.

André Luiz Bonacina de Oliveira (alternate member): has a degree in Business Administration from UDESC / ESAG, an MBA in Corporate Finance from FGV / Management, attended the training of Board Member from IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance). He has experience in the financial area acting as Financial Director at Ezentis SA, Financial Director for Brazil and Southern Cone by Apex Tool Group Brazil, Assistant Business Controller of the CT Division and Controller of the After Sales Business Line at Atlas Copco Brasil, Controller and Head of HR, Legal and IT at Sumitomo Heavy Industries Brasil, Assistant Business Controller of the CT Division and Controller of the After Sales Business Line at Atlas Copco Brasil, and Controller at Zen SA Corporate Controllership Analyst at Embraco SA, Financial Operator at Santinvest SA DTVM, Financial Consultant at G, B&B Consultores Financeiro and Investment Analyst at Fucas - Fundação Casan.